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Anders Hallberg

Biography & News


Anders was 18 when he started working on a film set and he has never looked back. Since then, he has made a slew of commercials, music videos and branded content. Anders is also a documentary filmmaker and talented stills photographer.

A true craftsman, Anders has a perfect understanding of the entire chain of production and because of this, he’s able to solve any creative and technical challenge, making productions look fantastic, whilst breaking new ground and making the impossible effortlessly possible.

The Swedish Railways campaign directed by Anders Hallberg snatches first place in Resumés monthly selection of the best commercials right now.

Anders Hallberg touching spot about acceptance and equality for SJ Railway gets picked up by Adweek.

Creativity-online wrote about Hallberg's latest film for Swedish Railways: A Metaphorical Take on Transportation From TBWA/Stockholm.  

Centurion Jewelry features a piece on Forevermark's brand strategy for their 2016 Holiday Campaign. Bringing the concept to life is the film 'A Diamond is Forever' directed by Anders Hallberg.

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