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Bastian has a unique sensibility to weave human emotion with strong performance, delivering beautifully crafted and captivating films that cross commercial, fashion & the arts. He continues to develop his creative vision, and believes the best stories blend the heart-felt with the pulse-pounding, making for intensely atmospheric films that push into unexpected and enthralling territory.

This approach has won him numerous accolades, previously at the heart of trio Lynn Fox for eleven years, and more recently as a solo creator. Bastian’s awards include a Cannes Titanium for his playful and thrilling “Crashes” spot for Axe, and a D&AD Silver for Bjork’s World Tour visuals.

Bastian has an impressive client list working with top brands including Coke, Cadillac, Mercedes, Miller, Cote d’Or, KFC and Audi.

Huawei #SHARETHELOVE campaign reaches 5 million viewers as it's shared with a lot of love!

Rothco, Dairygold and Bastian Glaessner team up to create a 60 second crowd sourced film, out of 2500 clips submitted by the public! The #MakeAMinute campaign urges people to do something that matters to them.

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