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Award winning director Bastian Glaessner has spent years honing his creative vision, starting as a music video director that instantly caught the eye of artists like Bjork, and saw him move quickly into directing for global A- list campaigns. With a background in art, design and photography, he has captivated audiences worldwide with his ability to bring together highly authentic emotion with effortless arresting visuals.

A key member of trio LynnFox for the first 11 years of his career, Bastian was instrumental in their many successes; a Cannes Titanium for Axe, multiple D&AD Silvers for Bjork’s World Tour visuals and numerous awards for clients like Audi, Mercedes and Coke.

Being part of this collective helped develop a keen visual sensibility. Since then, he added to his wealth of experience the skills of a strong emotional storyteller, touching viewers’ hearts with genuine portrayals of humanity and relationships. 

Not afraid to dig deep, act nimble and immerse himself in the moment, his hands-on approach right down to the editing process lets him use his poignant sense of acuity to draw deeply heartfelt emotions that are nothing but genuine and profound.

As a result, Bastian’s finely tuned artistic instincts continuously deliver carefully crafted powerful and immersive films.

A selection of Bastian Glaessner's photography is now available to enjoy on The work shows his presence and attention to detail in his ability to capture the essence of his subjects and emotion in fleeting moments.

Huawei #SHARETHELOVE campaign reaches 5 million viewers as it's shared with a lot of love!

Rothco, Dairygold and Bastian Glaessner team up to create a 60 second crowd sourced film, out of 2500 clips submitted by the public! The #MakeAMinute campaign urges people to do something that matters to them.

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