Image of the director

Kinopravda is a collective of directors, known for blending brilliant art direction with a witty sense of humour and outstanding visual flair. In recent years, they’ve made quite a splash in the international market with commercials for Smirnoff, Venetian, Hasbro, Disney, and Petal. Additionally, their work has had festival play at SXSW and received numerous Vimeo Staff Picks.

Kinopravda means *film truth* and was originally formed by a group of art school students and creatives in Budapest. The foundation is based on a shared philosophy of hard work, attention to detail, extraordinary production design and, above all,  the magic of creative collaborationThe group has grown over the years and now include eight directors based in 4 cities: Budapest, Barcelona, New York and Los Angeles. The international outlook is real and likely to play a large role in finding a unique handwriting but also a handwriting that travels beyond culture and other borders.