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With a bunch of award winning music videos and TVC’s, Magnus is a hard working director who can find the beauty in small things and humour in the serious. Originally from the Swedish art scene, Magnus Härdner has always been about visual style.

Still a painter he has over a decade of experience in motion picture direction and has utilized his history in painting to make highly dramatic, beautiful and sometimes comedic visual stories. Apart from being a great director Magnus also is a really talented editor with a strong sense of rhythm. Maybe being a drummer in a heavy metal band as a teenager has something to do with it?

Art school trained, Magnus uses the iconic 'pit' dog in a collection of paintings dating back from his time at the University of Gothenburg Art School. The dogs are used as a symbol of how we interpret and build opinion based on weak sources and false information, an ideology that still rings true in the wake of political and social news today.

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