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An artist from an early age, Magnus Härdner’s eye for beauty in the everyday was first realised whilst studying Fine Art at Gothenburg School of Art.

Here he made intricate paintings, most notably of the iconic pit dog, which formed part of his exploration into higher visual concepts and symbols, a thought that followed him into his filmmaking.

Today, Magnus stays true to his aesthetic of merging art with film, creating highly visual narratives that can be both playful and poetic. An ex- drummer in a heavy metal band, his passion for music is reflected in his edits, and the brands he works closely with, capturing authentic, cinematic moments for the likes of Spotify, Bang & Olufsen & Urbanears.


Art school trained, Magnus uses the iconic 'pit' dog in a collection of paintings dating back from his time at the University of Gothenburg Art School. The dogs are used as a symbol of how we interpret and build opinion based on weak sources and false information, an ideology that still rings true in the wake of political and social news today.

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