Mikael Marcimain


Across the world, Swedish filmmakers are getting attention for their bold stories and unencumbered directing and the list of Swedish directors making a name for themselves in Hollywood is getting longer. With his feature film debut “Call Girl”, winning the International Critics’ Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, Mikael has earned himself a spot very near the top of that list.

Since then, he has continued to make his mark in both film and television, directing the BRF produced Netflix-released miniseries Gentlemen And Gangsters, which was released as the feature film Gentlemen in 2014. His latest feature is entitled ’The Villain’ and is written by, and stars Casey Affleck. 

But Mikael is also known as one of the most awarded and respected commercial directors in Europe. He has directed international campaigns for Ericsson, IKEA, H&M and Nike among many others.

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