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Neil Huxley

Neil Huxley

Neil Huxley
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Neil’s live-action and VFX direction is known for blending the elegant and meticulous with the fierce and dark. These qualities can be traced to growing up in South London with a mother who held a top-secret government position and a father who worked as a frame conservator at the Tate by day, and a club bouncer by night.

With a background in VFX design and art direction, most notably on James Cameron’s Avatar and Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, Neil cherishes the technical and dramatic challenges of crafting virtual worlds and characters that feel natural and emotional, and making the real world appear cinematic and enchanted.

As a director Neil has applied his sensibilities to some of the most celebrated video game trailers and commercials. His trailer for Activision’s Transformers: The fall of Cyberton immediately went viral and was recognized at the VGA Awards by the AICP. Neil went on to direct the announcement trailers for Mad Max and the Make History trailer for the acclaimed series Assassin’s Creed, and the Build Together campaign for Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker.

Neil’s video game work also includes directing performance capture for Rise of the Tomb Raider for which he used the latest virtual production techniques and digital human technology. Through this, Neil has become adept at leading actors into imaginary worlds, an ability he extends into to his live action campaigns as seen in trailers for the Emmy nominated UFC193 fight between Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm.

Neil Huxley’s epic preview for UFC 200 ’It’s Time’ reaches nearly 2,5 million views in a week! Featuring the top four upcoming fights at UFC 200 including Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones the spot is the biggest in the history of the promotion.

Director Neil Huxley gave LBB a nerdgasm talking about his work here. He may also have launched the term #nerdgasm??

Five stars for Neil Huxley’s ”Rethink Remembrance: Roy & Stewart”.”This ad is an effective and poignant reminder that the consequences of wa rare not someting consigned to the history books, but a very real problem in the present day” says Syd Briscoe of DavidReviews. Read the full review here.

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