Image of the director

Step into the world of Nicolina Knapp, a colourful, kaleidoscopic mind full of life, curiosity and adventure.

Nicolina – or Nico for short – first made a name for herself as a still photographer and quickly became a favourite of the music industry. Combining her genuine interest in photography, music and personalities – music videos became a natural next step. Her first ever promo got a Swedish Grammy nomination in 2017. Since then she continues to evolve and has had much and well deserved attention for her spots for brands like Yamaha Music, Spotify and Urbanears.

Working with Nicolina, it’s hard not to get smitten by her laughter – and confidence. She has a lighthearted and playful approach to almost everything she does, yet never loses contact with the ground. Nicolina’s background in still photography with an interest in forms, shapes, lighting and style combined with her natural ability to tell compelling stories makes her a creative force to be reckoned with.