Norman Bates



Inti Calfat & Dirk Verheye, AKA Norman Bates, are an international directing duo, based in Brussels. They met at a scriptwriting course and decided to make films together.

Combining a documentary background with a more classical art history education, the duo created a very organic and genuine aesthetic. Their music videos have won different awards such as the New York Independent Film festival, The European Film Festival, Music Industry Awards and The Crystal Film awards. They shot global campaigns for brands such as Samsonite, HTC, Tmall, Coca-Cola, Renault, Uniqlo, Mazda, Mercedes and many more.

The duo has an obsessive eye for detail and a borderline-neurotic commitment to telling stories. In 2017 they shot their first fiction series, called ‘Over Water’. The series already has international distribution. They are currently developing a new fiction series and a feature film.

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