Patrik Gyllström


Gyllström embodies the true craftsman. With a degree in film production and years of experience in all areas of modern production he is on top of every part of the process and handles challenges with his signature calm and smartness.

He moves seamlessly between commercials and complex integrated projects. With his profound knowledge of the technical aspects of filmmaking he finds visual expressions that captures the viewer’s attention, without losing the storytelling.

He embraces the opportunity to tell stories and create experiences that go beyond the classic TVC format. Gyllström is a team player in the true meaning of the world. He thrives in a collaborative creative process and has been essential to many of B-Reel’s most successful integrated projects.

His most recent credits include the campaign for SPP,, for which both the complex interactive film and digital experience became a huge success under Gyllström’s direction.

Gyllström continues to widen his experiences – it’s worth mentioning Patrik is a professional editor with commercials and feature films to his credits. He is also one of Sweden’s most prominent trailer editors and has been awarded the Swedish Film Editor Society’s (SFK) Best Edit award.

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