Image of the director

Gyllström embodies the true craftsman. With a degree in film production and years of experience in all areas of modern production, he is always on top of every part of the process and handles challenges with his signature calm approach and intelligence. His inquisitive knowledge of the technical aspects of filmmaking helps when finding and developing visual expressions to fit each project. But technical wizardry aside, he never neglects the bigger picture; storytelling is always key and at the centre of his productions. Always.

Gyllström is also an editor who has been awarded the Swedish Film Editor Society’s (SFK) ‘Best Trailer Edit’ award. And if that wasn’t enough to wet your appetite, BR·F’s Swiss army knife extraordinaire is also a scriptwriter and currently developing “Hjerson” – a nordic noir-esque whodunnit TV-series based on a character from the Agatha Christie universe.

Gyllström has worked with an extensive roster of clients including Toyota, Jaguar, Skoda, Volvo Trucks, Tourism Ireland, Scania and Absolut Vodka.