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It was after attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London that Simon Cole turned his hand to directing. Since, his creative output has been colossal: Simon has directed over one thousand commercials and the Director’s Guild of America has justly recognized his talent with three Outstanding Directors Award nominations.

Known for making the bizarre and eccentric natural and believable and making comedy photogenic and beautiful, Simon’s work has won numerous awards including Clios, Cannes Lions, Golden Pencils from the One Show in the U.S. and D&AD honors in Europe. His award winning commercials for, Netflix and Cracker Jacks are included in the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) film archives in NYC.

In addition to his commercial work, Simon’s documentary So Help Me God has been featured on television networks worldwide. He is currently writing a black comedy feature titled Knock Down Ginger.

Adweek loves Simon Cole's recent campaign for Heinz. The commercial launches a grassroots campaign to make a national holiday on the Monday after Superbowl called "Smunday".

Simon Cole's American Man PSA for gun safety organization Evolve has been shortlisted at AICP. Simon cleverly utilizes patriotic tropes to remind gun owners everywhere to keep their firearms safe with the slogan,"Clear it, Check it, Lock it."

WTF? Burglar stealing Simon Cole's D&AD pencil!

Simon Cole & Shepard Fairey collab to create book cover for Human Rights Activist Jack Healey!

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