Stina Lütz


Filmmaker Stina Lütz brings to BR•F a passion for visual storytelling and a refined eye for commercial content. 

A director in love with every detail of film production, Lütz is able to tell emotional stories by meticulously breaking down a script and understanding it from the ground up. Always finding some kind of narrative to connect to, Lütz’s array of corporate clients include Samsung, Disney, Audi, Bang & Olufsen, MTV, Universal, H&M, Telia, BMW, Libero, Nivea, and many more.

Clients and collaborators are drawn to the Stockholm-based director’s instinct for imagery, as well as her depth of knowledge, drawn from her many experiences making documentaries, feature films and ad campaigns in various corners across the globe.

Lütz initially started out in the industry as a documentary filmmaker and TV director, and eventually moved towards narrative and commercial films. Holding dual degrees in Film and Media from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (STDH) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Lütz blends her extensive knowledge of editing, photography and storytelling to create polished and wondrous work.
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