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Will Mayer has been a filmmaker for brands since he was 14, filming snowboard and skateboard videos for Vans. By the age of 16 he was their main filmmaker for the East Coast, delving into documentary and culture content. Soon he left high school to pick up and move to California with not much more than a van, surfboard, and camera.

Will shot his first commercial with CP+B (PayPal/Airbnb) right after joining B-Reel Films. He also recently completed a six-month long film campaign helping reinvent the image of the U.S. Department of Education, and is currently working on a music video for Steve Angelo. Mayer is a modern director. A high-art docu-hybrid storyteller.

Mayer’s passion for travel and film attracted him to B-Reel Films, a production company with six offices worldwide and standard of excellent work. Mayer comments: “I feel B-Reel Films has in its genes what a production company requires to adapt to the industry changes.”

Director Will Mayer just finished his latest film that documents the hardcore punk band Trash Talk, while on a week-long tour throughout Japan. See the full version on NOWNESS.

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