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At BRF we create feature films, documentaries, and television series with international appeal.

Since our first feature film release in 2007, Darling, we have produced and financed 10 feature films and several documentaries. We have a dedicated team of 5 producers, working with development, financing and producing.

Our most recent feature in production, “Euphoria,” written and directed by Lisa Langseth, stars Academy Award winner Alicia Vikander, Eva Green, and Academy Award nominee Charlotte Rampling.

“Before We Die,” a 10 episode Scandi-Noir Drama-thriller, is currently airing on Sveriges Television.

Currently, we are in production of an ambitious documentary project on the legacy of Swedish maestro Ingmar Bergman, slated for completion in 2018, just in time for his 100th birthday.

To date, our films have made it to the biggest festivals around the world and won numerous international and national awards.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’re always on the look-out for new talent and intriguing stories.

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