The BR•F documentary “I Am Greta” premieres on Friday 13th of Nov on Hulu and in Sweden 20th of Nov.
Director Nathan Grossman who has followed Greta since the start of her climate strike, offers an intimate view into Greta´s life as she becomes the global face of the climate change movement, while dealing with mounting pressure and hate.

Greta: “I really like the film and I think it gives a realistic image of myself and my daily life. I hope anyone who watches the film can finally understand that we young people aren´t school striking just for fun. We are protesting because we don´t have a choice. A lot has of course happened since I started school striking, but sadly we are still stuck on square one. The changes and the level of awareness needed are nowhere to be seen today. All that we ask for is for our society to treat the climate crisis as a crisis, and give us a safe future. I think the film shows just how far that is from happening right now. It shows that the urgency of the scientific message isn´t getting through”.

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