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Detektiven från Beledweyne - Detective #24

Malin Levanon (Drifters, The Reunion) plays Tilda Renström, a reckless former prosecutor who is willing to do anything to win her old job back. When a young girl goes missing outside her new job at the refugee detention center, she discovers that a mysterious man waiting to be deported back to Somalia is, in fact, a police investigative genius - he is Detective #24 (played by Nasir Dhagole). Against all rules, Tilda stops his deportation, and an unlikely crime-solving duo is formed. One of them is doing it to save her dignity. The other to save his life.
Detective #24 is a new take on Nordic crime in six parts. The series is directed by Zaida Bergroth (Tove) and Patrik Gyllström (Agatha Christie's Hjerson), and written by Aron Levander (The Truth Will Out).

Release date March 2023.