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Knutby - The Congregation

The Congregation is based on Jonas Bonnier´s novel about the real events that led up to a fatal shooting in a small Swedish Pentecostal congregtion in the early 2000s.

Alba August (The Rain, Becoming Astrid) plays Anna, a young soul-searching woman that moves to Knutby to start a new life in a small tight-knit religious community in the Swedish countryside. Led by two charismatic pastors; Sindre, played by Einar Bredefeldt and Eva, played by Aliette Ophemin, the congregation have been given signs that lead them to believe that the Second Coming of Christ will occur in their little village - and when it does, Christ will take his bride.

The Congregation is a six part psychological drama directed by Goran Kapetanovic (Caliphate, Those Who Kill)

Release date November 2021.